Ed Paladino

Ed founded AFC in 2018 with the intention of being a voice for children and helping bring awareness to issues related to children. He was an All-American in college and represented the United States on the NJCAA National Freestyle Team. He is a world bronze medalist and was a member of the USA World Veterans Freestyle Team in 2015, 2016, and 2017. He has also coached youth, high school, and Team Georgia State Wrestling Programs. He currently coaches at Alpharetta High School in Alpharertta, Georgia. Ed was inducted into the WTAA Hall of fame for Wrestling in 2019. He is a father of two young boys of which was the inspiration for starting AFC. His absolute passion is being a full time dad, working with children and athletics.

John Hanrahan

John is an All-American collegiate wrestler from Penn State, and World Champion gold medalist. He also held the record for the most wins for sometime in Penn State history. He is a member of the Veterans USA World Wrestling Team and has also represented the United States on multiple national and international teams. John was also the coach for Team Georgia and Team USA at the annual Pitt Classic. He is a World Champion and Gold Medalist for the USA World Veterans Freestyle Team 2016. He also holds multiple National Freestyle and Greco Roman Championships. John is an advocate for children and coaches high school at Mill Springs Academy in Alpharetta Georgia. He is a CSCS National Strength and Conditioning Specialist. John has had an amazing career and has dedicated his life to helping others.

Eric Cluck

Eric is a collegiate All-American wrestler and a two time Veterans National Freestyle Champion. He was a 2015, 2016, and 2017 USA World Veterean Team member. Eric was ranked 7th in the world in Freestyle in 2016. He also coaches high school at South Forsyth High School and youth programs Morris Fitness. He is a Michigan native and wrestled at Lake Superior State University. He founded EchoVerse Comics, a non profit dedicated to Cystic Fibrosis and creating awareness. His passion is working with kids and empowering them through athletics.